Scott & Reagan | Engagement Shoot

On this day of love and friendship I thought I would share my amazing engagement shoot with this amazing couple. I spent the entire day with them and it took less than a minute to see the love and amazing friendship that these two have.

There has never been a more lucky and patient man than Scott Jamison, during the whole shoot he was extremely cooperative and never said no to anything (which tbh surprised me). 

Scott & Reagan, your love and friendship is one for the ages and I wish you two the best of luck in your marriage. 


Celizzione Fall 2016!

I just finished shooting the Spring collection for Celizzione and I am barely posting about the Fall Collection (lmao what is wrong with me?). But to be completely honest, I live by the motto by “It’s never too late” or “A queen is never late, everyone else is simply early” but maybe this time I really I am very very late. I was waiting until Celizzione had revealed all of their collection and then the holidays came in and it just slipped my mind sharing these! 

We shot at Pin Oak Bed & Breakfast in Calvert, TX- The location was absolutely beautiful and elegant just what Celina and I were looking for that collection. Let’s not even talk about how gracious and courteous the owner’s of the B&B were cause I could talk about them all day! 

If you haven’t already go and check out Celizzione, they have a variety of different styles and I can say with 100000% certainty that their Spring collection is AMAZING. Go and follow them on Facebook & Instagram for updates on what is new and coming to their website soon!  

Huge shoutout to the amazing models- Brittney & Alexis for being so gorgeous and making the clothes look 10x better! 


Mariangie | Senior Portraits

I was so extremely happy to have worked with the gorgeous Mariangie. She is just one of those people who lights up your day by giving you a smile. 

Although this may sound cheesy, happiness and love just radiates from this girl and I am lucky enough to call her my friend. 

She is such an incredibly talented, creative, intelligent and gorgeous woman I can’t wait to see what is in store for her. Even though I already know she is going to amaze everyone with her wit and sass! 

I wish her all the luck in the world 

-B xo

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