The Mansfield’s | Zoo Family Portraits

When John and Taylor asked me to take family portraits of them I was more than excited!! Not only cause I got to hang out with two of my good friends’ (who also happen to be two of the coolest people I know) but also because I got to hang out with my favorite 2-year-old in this entire world *insert heart emoji*! 

The four of us went to Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, TX, and if you haven’t gone there you HAVE TO GO! It is such a beautiful zoo and it is an awesome place to have a fun family day. Although there were a bunch of beautiful exotic animals, Mattox was more excited about the water or as he likes to call it “Agua” lol.  Once we finished touring the entire zoo we decided to go to Magnolia where Mattie got to play and we got to eat delicious food and have an awesome time. 

I hope that from these pictures everyone can see what an amazingly funny and loving family The Mansfield’s are <3


P.S. The last picture was taken by Mattie himself! I would not be surprised if he will grow up to be a photographer like his dad! 

Scott & Reagan | Engagement Shoot

On this day of love and friendship I thought I would share my amazing engagement shoot with this amazing couple. I spent the entire day with them and it took less than a minute to see the love and amazing friendship that these two have.

There has never been a more lucky and patient man than Scott Jamison, during the whole shoot he was extremely cooperative and never said no to anything (which tbh surprised me). 

Scott & Reagan, your love and friendship is one for the ages and I wish you two the best of luck in your marriage. 


Celizzione Fall 2016!

I just finished shooting the Spring collection for Celizzione and I am barely posting about the Fall Collection (lmao what is wrong with me?). But to be completely honest, I live by the motto by “It’s never too late” or “A queen is never late, everyone else is simply early” but maybe this time I really I am very very late. I was waiting until Celizzione had revealed all of their collection and then the holidays came in and it just slipped my mind sharing these! 

We shot at Pin Oak Bed & Breakfast in Calvert, TX- The location was absolutely beautiful and elegant just what Celina and I were looking for that collection. Let’s not even talk about how gracious and courteous the owner’s of the B&B were cause I could talk about them all day! 

If you haven’t already go and check out Celizzione, they have a variety of different styles and I can say with 100000% certainty that their Spring collection is AMAZING. Go and follow them on Facebook & Instagram for updates on what is new and coming to their website soon!  

Huge shoutout to the amazing models- Brittney & Alexis for being so gorgeous and making the clothes look 10x better! 


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