Fusion- Battle of the Bands 10/28/16

Most of you may not know this, but besides being a photographer and a student at TAMU I also work at a radio station within Texas A&M called Fusion 95.1-2 (catch me on air Tuesdays from 11-1). Battle of the Bands was the very first big event by Fusion and I was beyond excited when they asked to be the photographer for the event. If you know me then you know I’m a sucker for a good concert, and boy was this an awesome concert. 

The concert was at the Grand Stafford Theatre located in Downtown Bryan where local band, A Deathbed Promise and Dallas based band, Jake Dexter and the Main Street Sound faced off in an epic battle. 

They both rocked but ultimately it was A Deathbed Promise who won the battle. At the end of the night it was an amazing night filled with booze, music and punk rock punches to the air. 

-B xx


This is her tigress face

I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Reagan Grubbs for the first time back in August. This gorgeous woman is by far the funniest and kindest person I have ever met. She has so much happiness and love that it was very hard  (but extremely entertaining) to take serious or as she likes to call them “sexy shots” because she couldn’t help but make a silly face and we couldn’t stop laughing. 

My favorite thing about being a photographer is the fact that you get to capture a moment in time as well as capture an emotion. I like to think that I captured her beauty and jokester side on these pictures. 

We went around Downtown Bryan, Northgate and even pond-hopping at Texas A&M. She looked like she was having a blast that I couldn’t help but join her (last pic). I can’t wait to work with her again 

-B xx


Brooke Bossier a student at Texas A&M University, a model and a youtube star (you can go check out her youtube page here). I met her on Brazos Valley Fashion Week and ever since that day I knew that I had to work with her again, and I am so glad that I did! 

I thought that her distinct features would be perfect for a 60’s inspired shoot and we went around Downtown Bryan getting the old bricks and getting that classic old vibe. We were lucky enough to find an old beat-up Volkswagen Beetle that was abandoned there in Downtown and not to toot my own horn, but my lord the results were amazing!! 

Brooke is one of those people who is super hard working and that is up for anything. It was a ridiculously hot day (even for Texas) and we were sweating our body weight off but that didn’t stop Brooke, she was determined to get the best pictures and used a pad to remove the sweat/shine from her face (Hey, don’t judge, I didn’t have anything else with me and those suckers are absorbent and got the job done!). We went all over Downtown Bryan, from antique shops, staircases and even outside of the courthouse! We then went near my house where we got the sunset and got a more natural and fresh look. 

Hope that you enjoyed the pictures, for now that is all

-Blanka xx

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