DNCE & Selena Gomez Concert 06/17/16

I had previously seen Selena Gomez live back in 2011 in her A Year Without Rain tour where I had the pleasure of meeting her in person. I remember trying not to freak out (but failed miserably) when I met her, for I was huge Wizards of Waverly Place fan but when I saw her live I was disappointed. She lip-synched for most of her concert and didn’t really do much of a performance. 5 years later and I finally decided to give another shot and this time I was not disappointed. Quite the opposite actually, her vocals greatly improved and she also gave an AMAZING performance. She started her setlist with her hit single “Same Old Love” and then processed with performing some of her hit singles such as “Come & Get It”, “Good For You”, “Love You Like a Love Song”, “Hands to Myself” and “Who Says”. 

Selena was supported by an all-girl band called Bahari and DNCE. Truthfully, no one really knew who Bahari and everyone just wanted DNCE to start performing but they were still able to warm the stage for DNCE and gave everything they had with their short setlist. Natalia, the bassist of the band, was the one who grabbed most of my attention. She seemed to be the one with the most passion and moved around the stage the most. DNCE on the other hand KILLED it! (although this was not a surprise for everyone knew the crazy energy that this band has) There was not a single person in that stadium that wasn’t dancing or singing along with them. All I can say is that after seeing them, my love for Joe Jonas was reaffirmed (we are planning a June wedding even though he isn’t aware of these plans) and JinJoo Lee, guitarist, is the coolest and baddest b*tch of them all

Irasema’s Graduation

I felt so incredibly proud and honored to not only have taken my good friend Irasema’s senior portraits, but also to have been a part of her special day and watch her achieve her goal!

We had been talking about doing this shoot since 2012 when she first began modeling for me (and since then she became my favorite model) and it honestly couldn’t have come out better all thanks to production (shout-out to Ira’s mom)! 

I cannot wait to see where life takes her (#cheesyAF)


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